8 Great East Coast FNP Programs

Do you have what it takes to brave bitter cold winters? Do you have the boundless energy required to keep up with the NYC lifestyle? What about the stereotypical go get ’em attitude of our East Coast friends? If you see yourself fitting in in the northeast, check out our picks for the best Family Nurse Practitioner programs in the region.

Step one on your nurse practitioner career path is choosing where you will get your degree. With so many options out there, how do you distinguish one school from another? We’ve got some ideas. To help out our East Coast lovin’ NPs-to-be, we’ve reached out to schools in northeastern states, inquiring about their stats. Based on what they shared, here are ThriveAP’s top picks for the East Coast’s best Family Nurse Practitioner programs. 

1. University of Connecticut 

Degrees Offered: DNP

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

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UConn’s got it together as far as nurse practitioner programs are concerned. The school’s family nurse practitioner program boasts a 100% passing rate among graduates on the national certification exam, not to mention, the school matches students up with clinical sites eliminating the stress of finding one’s own preceptor. As a result of the high quality of education UConn nurse practitioner students receive, 100 percent of grads have jobs within two to three months of graduation, many within a matter of weeks.

2. MGH Institute of Health Professions 

Degrees Offered: DNP, MSN, Direct Entry MSN

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

The MGH Institute of Health Professions offers a wealth of options for aspiring FNPs. Students looking at healthcare as a second career, for example, may enter the school’s direct entry MSN program, fast tracking the NP education. With a collective 100 percent pass rate on the national certification exam among FNP graduates, applicants can rest assured of the quality of education the school provides. Not to mention, a clinical education coordinator matches students to clinical sites taking the responsibility off the plates of busy students.

3. Columbia University

Degrees Offered: DNP, MSN, Direct Entry MSN

Certification Pass Rate: Certification not required in the State of New York

Columbia University’s family nurse practitioner program certainly lives up to the prestige of the Ivy League. With multiple education tracks, the school offers a way for applicants of all educational backgrounds to capitalize on this quality opportunity. Located in New York City, students enjoy access to world class healthcare facilities, educators, and, partnerships such as the school’s with the World Health Organization. Oh yeah, we should also mention the hoppin’ NYC social scene. You can’t study all the time, right?

4. University of Pennsylvania

Degrees Offered: MSN

Certification Pass Rate: 99%

The University of Pennsylvania consistently falls at the top in nurse practitioner program rankings, and for good reason. Not only do graduates of the school’s family NP program have a 99% passing rate on the national certification exam, the FNP program offers flexible study options such as part-time, full-time, and a BSN/MSN track. An optional Global Health Nursing Minor prepares interested grads to deliver primary care worldwide. As an added perk, faculty also take on the responsibility of matching students with clinical sites. The Penn nurse practitioner experience overwhelmingly ends quickly with employment for FNP new grads. Faculty tell us that 100 percent of family nurse practitioner students find jobs within six months of graduation.

5. Yale University

Degrees Offered: DNP, MSN, Direct Entry MSN

Yale is yet another highly reputable East Coast institution with a nurse practitioner program to its name. Similar to many of our prior picks, Yale offers multiple entry options for NPs to-be. The school’s direct entry program provides an accelerated pathway by which students with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree may become NPs. As a result of such nontraditional education options, there is no ‘typical’ nurse practitioner student at Yale. Some students are right out of college while others enter with many years of unrelated professional experience under their belts.

6. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Degrees Offered: DNP

Certification Pass Rate: 99.9%

The Uniformed Services University applies the rigor and passion of our nation’s military to the nurse practitioner education. A military backdrop paired with the nurse practitioner curriculum allows for a truly unique learning experience. FNPs are not only educated in the traditional primary care sense, but also with coursework that supports operational and field medicine. To enroll in the university, applicants must be active duty military, or members of the U.S. Public Health Service.

7. University of Southern Maine

Degrees Offered: DNP, MSN

Certification Pass Rate: 98%

If you’re looking to live in an environment that’s lower speed than NYC, but still want a quality education with outcomes similar to the Ivy’s, the University of Southern Maine may be the place for you. The school’s family nurse practitioner program boasts a 98% passing rate among graduates on the national certification exam, and faculty at the university match students up with clinical sites. As a result of the quality education FNP students receive, many are employed even before graduation.

8. The University of Scranton

Degrees Offered: DNP, MSN

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

The University of Scranton may be a lesser known school to prospective nurse practitioners, but don’t let its anonymity fool you. Graduates of Scranton’s FNP program have enjoyed a 100% first time pass rate on the national certification exam for the past 20 years! Not only are FNP grads almost guaranteed to pass the boards, they enjoy the convenience of attending a program that identifies clinical sites on behalf of students. Faculty also say that 95 percent of students land jobs within a few months of graduation.

East Coasters, where will you go for your FNP degree?


1 thought on “8 Great East Coast FNP Programs”

  1. You’re definitely missing Boston College. (I start in a few months!) I applied to several on the list and BC has all the same pluses you mentioned, 100% pass rate, the school handles clinical placements, and a direct-entry route. Plus….Boston. Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics. As a New Englander born and raised it doesn’t get much better.

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