While the holiday season has officially come to a close, we’re continuing our look back at 2016 this week for a few more days. As you get plans in place for your education and career and think about upcoming milestones, we hope these posts will help in anticipation of kicking off your nurse practitioner career. Presenting the best blog posts to help new grad NPs start 2017 off right. 

1. Detect New Grad NP Friendliness with These Job Interview Questions

Advertising your inexperience and need for continued learning in an interview isn’t advisable. After all, employers are looking to hire NPs who will be an asset to the practice, not a drain on resources and energy. Fortunately, there are a few questions new nurse practitioners can ask in a job interview to determine if the position on hand is likely to be new grad friendly. Continue Reading…

2. The Emotional Stages of Life as a New Grad Nurse Practitioner

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Foresight into the ups and downs you can expect to face early in your nurse practitioner career helps you ride out the tough times looking forward to small victories ahead. What are the emotional stages of life as a new grad nurse practitioner? Continue Reading…

3. Confessions of a Former New Grad Nurse Practitioner

As a new nurse practitioner graduate I felt anything but competent. Anxiety and uncertainty plagued my work day. Here are a few things I did in my early years of practice that I recommend you avoid. Continue Reading…

4. 5 Things You Shouldn’t Sweat as a Nurse Practitioner New Grad

Fortunately new grad NP friends, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your first months working as a nurse practitioner will be full of ups, downs and bumps in the road. The temptation during this time is to feel as if you’ve failed, aren’t good enough, or will never make it as an NP. Don’t succumb to these thoughts. Rather, realize life gets better. In the interim, don’t sweat these things. Continue Reading…

5. The Worst Thing You Can Say in a New Grad NP Job Interview

Okay, okay, so there are a lot of ‘worst’ things you could do in a new grad nurse practitioner job interview. You could come dressed for an afternoon at the beach, in flip flops and cut-off denim shorts. You could cuss. A lot. But, assuming you’ve got the basics of job interview protocol and professionalism down, there is still one big mistake less experienced nurse practitioners make in the quest for employment. Continue Reading…

6. How Long Will You Feel Overwhelmed as a New Grad Nurse Practitioner?

Does new grad nurse practitioner life have you feeling frantic? Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Doubting your career decision? No matter the number of years you have worked as a nurse, or the caliber of the NP program you attended, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience these feelings as you begin your nurse practitioner career. You may even feel this way as a more experienced NP in a new setting. When can you expect to feel ease in your new role? Continue Reading…

7. Yes, You Can Deliver a Plan of Care with Confidence

As NPs, we must become accustomed to interacting with all kinds of patients in a wide variety of settings. Personally, for me as a nurse practitioner, this is more difficult at some times than others. I may lack confidence when telling a patient they need more time or testing before I can make a diagnosis. Sometimes I am timid when I let a patient know that I am unable to ‘fix’ their problem. When we face these situations as nurse practitioners, how do we gather our thoughts and present our findings and plan of care to patients with confidence? Continue Reading…

8. How to Get Hired by a Practice That Doesn’t Want New Grad NPs

If you’re a less experienced nurse practitioner and are tired of getting the proverbial door slammed in your face as you look for a job, try positioning yourself in the following ways to break the new grad employment curse. Continue Reading…


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