I’m super passionate about helping out new grad nurse practitioners. Starting out my career as an NP was one of the more stressful life experiences I’ve had and it led to a lot of anxiety and doubt – at least initially. I’m a success story here to tell you that if you push through that difficult year (and that sort-of difficult second year) of practice, you’ll come out ahead. Working as a nurse practitioner has plenty of perks but you’re going to need to grow your skill set, confidence and level of experience before you’ll see them clearly. So how do you get from point A to point B?

If you’re graduating from a nurse practitioner program in 2019, these posts will help with the transition from education to practice.






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2 thoughts on “7 Posts to Help New Grads Make It in 2019”

  • Hello,
    I am a NP, I graduated 2016 but due to many issues I certified Jan 2018. I had just had a hip replacement and 6 mos later I injured my knee; so I had a total knee replacement in November of this year. I will soon be ready to start working again. I work for a company that uses NPs to do house calls. I started back to work the week after I became certified, and they had several full-time positions available, however, I didn’t have all of my credentialing completed so I missed out on those positions. I interviewed for a few jobs but I have no experience working as a NP. I am looking for feedback as to how I should proceed in looking for a NP position. My area is AGNP-Primary care; seems everyone is looking for experienced NPs and lots are looking for FNP vs AGNP. Please help if you can.

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