7 Hilarious Back to School Tees for NP Students

I’m taking a shopping break. Yes, that’s right. No more clothes. My problem is that working in the hospital, particularly as a primarily evening and night shifter, I typically don either scrubs or sweats no matter the occasion. Pair after pair of perfectly tailored skinny jeans in all hues of blue lie rolled up in the bottom of my dresser drawer. ‘Going out’ blouses, tags still on, hang in my closet. While I always plan to wear cute new purchases, comfort seems to take precedent when it’s time to get ready for the day.

So, while I have put myself on a cute clothes purchasing ban, I have started doing some occasional peeking at less formal wear. To my 100% cotton wearing delight, I have discovered a number of absolutely hilarious tees perfect for pairing with jeans, or sweats. For nurse practitioner students headed back to school this month, these comical picks just might make top contenders for the go-to outfit in the comfy section of your closet.

1. I’m Not a Regular Nerd, I’m a Cool Nerd

If you’re headed to graduate school, chances are you’ve been called a nerd a time or two in your life. Fortunately, as an adult student the cool thing to do is own it. After all, you’re about to be raking in a salary higher than your former jock classmates ever dreamed of (except for that one who did get drafted into the NFL…).

2. In Pursuit of Happiness (Serotonin Molecule)

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After a long clinical day of prescribing SSRI’s, arrive home to your own dose of serotonin with this tee. Not to mention, going out clad in any sort of chemical structure makes you look super smart.

3. Ova Achiever

A must-have for the aspiring women’s health nurse practitioner, the Ova Achiever tee speaks volumes about your personality and profession. And, it could even serve as an anatomy cheat sheet on test day?

4. I Look Fab in the Lab

Whether you’re completing nurse practitioner program prerequisites or have been spending some quality time in your nursing school’s SimMan lab, becoming an NP involves a lot of hands-on learning. Celebrate it in style.

5. I Get Psyched for Psychology

If you’re a psychiatric-mental health NP in training or an FNP with a bent towards the brain, this colorful sweatshirt’s certain to be a go-to. Pair with a messy bun, glasses and a steaming cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon and head straight for the library.

6. My Weekend is All Booked

No truer statement has ever been written about the life of a nursing student. Your study materials may be online rather than in break-your-back textbook form these days, but nurse practitioner students can expect to spend some significant time reading.

7. I Was an Honor Student…I Don’t Know What Happened

….said many a nursing student.


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