7 Essential Nurses Week Gifts for NPs

By Guest Contributor Ariel Jacoby for Medelita

Happy Nurses Week! Nurse practitioners work hard to ensure those around them are kept happy and healthy — and now it’s time to make them feel cared for. Gifts for nurse practitioners, however, can be difficult to find, so here’s a little help. Celebrate National Nurses Week with these gifts that will make your favorite NP’s life brighter and just a bit easier.


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1. The Ideal Stethoscope 

It’s an item all nurses are familiar with, and it’s a necessary tool of the trade, but why not treat a nurse to “the new standard” in stethoscopes? Erka stethoscopes are unmatched in precision, comfort and price. Plus, they look good.

2. A Custom Gift Box

No one knows a nurse better than a fellow nurse — and the nurses over at Nightingale Express sure know how to build a gift basket. The company’s gift boxes come with a variety of items designed to help nurses relax and unwind, including treats like bath bombs, candles, compression socks and more. And don’t worry they have ones for men, too.

3. Comfortable, Customizable Scrubs

Scrubs are a part of every nurse’s daily uniform, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be attractive and comfortable. Medelita’s customizable scrubs are the perfect gift for every nurse: They come in a variety of styles and colors, and they’re created with durable, two-way stretch fabric that won’t wear out with use.

4. Fitness Tracker

Nurses spend a lot of their time walking, but can often lose track of their own health while monitoring others in their practice. Help him or her keep track of their own health with a FitBit or other wearable that can keep track of time, heart rate, steps and more. Find one that offers interchangeable bands so he or she can mix it up to match their outfit or mood.

5. The Ultimate Lab Coat 

A lab coat is a staple for every medical professional, and every nurse should have one as durable as he or she is. You can find a wide range of lab coats, that exude sophistication, confidence, and indelible aptitude. Plus, each coat will keep even the busiest of nurses cool, dry and comfortable, with a fabric exterior that repels everything.

6. Cell Phone Sanitizer

No one knows just how germ-infested everyday objects are better than a nurse. Give them the gift of cleanliness this year with a portable cell phone sanitizer that can also function as a mobile aromatherapy diffuser. The UV light safely eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria from most items in a matter of minutes. You never know what germs you’ll encounter during a nursing shift, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Discrete Cheat Sheets

Whether they’re a recent graduate or a veteran nurse, everyone needs a little reminder here and there. A pocket-sized pack of industry notecards will come in handy on long shifts and with tricky patients — and it will help impress their fellow staff.


Still looking for the perfect gift to celebrate Nurse Week 2018? Shop Medelita’s catalogue now.


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