7 Chic Back to School Planners for Nurse Practitioner Students

Forget about impending tests. Don’t worry about where you’ll complete your clinicals. Stop dreading essay writing. Breathe. Back to school is about more than anxiety and taking on more than you can handle. Yes, it’s about office supplies. There’s nothing better than starting the school year fresh with a desk graced with inky pens and perfectly pointy pencils. And, you totally know you bought a fresh box of crayons just for fun, even though they haven’t been on your supply list since, like, the third grade.

If you’re a nurse practitioner student this year, there’s one supply that you’ll rely on more than the rest – your planner. Maintaining your schedule in an agenda helps keep you organized and on track as you balance classes, assignments, and clinical hours. Not to mention, acquiring a crisp, blank, chic agenda is just enough to ignite some excitement about the coming school year. Here are our top picks for the 2016-2017 nurse practitioner class.

1. ban.do I Am Very Busy Classic Agenda

Ban.do agendas come in a variety of colors and patterns, although we have to say we love this particular pick. Whatever pattern you do choose, ban.do agendas feature festive interior pages as well to brighten up your month. Convenient tabs mark each of the 17 months contained in the planner making scheduling a breeze.

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2. Paper Source Gold Foil Daily Planner

Known for it’s chic picks, this Paper Source planner doesn’t disappoint. With plenty of room to scrawl daily tasks and assignments, this agenda is sure to keep nurse practitioner students on track. The planner is fun yet classy, and also lasts 18 months covering you through the 2016-2017 transition.


3. Rifle Paper Co. 17 Month Agenda

From August 2016 to December 2017, Rifle Paper Co. agendas are sure to help the busy NP stay on top of life. The agenda not only features plenty of space for school-related stuff, it also has places to jot down celebrations, important contacts, and other notes. The interior detail of Rifle planners make them stand out above other options. Available in large and jumbo sizes.


4. Day Designer by Whitney English 

Day Designer planners are totally chic. From stripes to spots, the company has created a clean, classic design for everyone. Gold hardware accents protect corners giving the agenda an “I can handle your book bag” look. Designer Whitney English has created these planners to cover the academic year, so nurse practitioner students won’t find themselves re-upping for another in the new year.


5. Kate Spade Large Floral Agenda

Leave it to Kate, Spade that is, to come up with a can’t resist agenda design. This 17-month planer also comes in either stripes or polka dots if flora and fauna aren’t your thing. Kate Spade office supplies consistently receive high rankings by users making this planner a low-risk purchase.


6. Believe in Yourself Adult Coloring Weekly Planner

Has the adult coloring craze hit you? Don’t be ashamed of your newfound habit, and put those fresh colored pencils to good use. This planner contains vibrant art and uplifting words to color throughout the year. Pay attention in class, now. 


7. Cavallini Travel Planners

In the mood for an adventure? You may not have the time or money to jet off on an extravagant vacay as a nurse practitioner student, but you can always dream, right? From New York and San Francisco, to Paris and the celestial skies, Cavallini planners feature artsy graphics of various locations around the globe and beyond. 

Happy back to school season NP students!


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