6 West Coast FNP Programs to Check Out Right Now

From the rocky shores of Washington State to the sandy beaches of SoCal, the West Coast understandably attracts nurse practitioner students from across the country. What’s not to like about attending an NP program near the refreshing waters of the Pacific, where outdoor lovers, beach bums, and some of the brightest healthcare minds in the country converge? If you’re looking for a family nurse practitioner program on the Left Coast, check out these six standout picks. 

1. University of Washington

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: DNP

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The University of Washington is home to one of the most robust nurse practitioner programs in the country. A multitude of specialty offerings not only gives students options when it comes to their education, but also attracts renowned faculty from a wide range of healthcare fields. As evidence of this superior education, graduates of UW’s family nurse practitioner program boast a 100 percent first time pass rate on the national certification exam. Not only do grads enjoy a perfect certification exam pass rate, University of Washington faculty arrange clinical preceptorships taking this responsibility off the shoulders of busy students. 

2. University of California Davis

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: MSN

We’ve mentioned the University of California Davis previously for their novel dual nurse practitioner/physician assistant program. Students in the school’s single specialty FNP track won’t be disappointed in their program, either. Grads of the program have proven themselves with a 100% pass rate on the national certification exam over the past five years. Like our prior pick, the school selects clinical sites for family nurse practitioner students ensuring a seamless educational experience. 

3. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: Direct Entry, MSN, DNP

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is unique in that the school offers multiple pathways to the FNP degree. Entry options to the program include a Graduate Entry Program for students with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing, pathways for RNs, as well as a more traditional path for students with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Flexible entry options give the program appeal to a wide range of students. Not only does the University of Hawaii at Manoa accommodate students from a variety of educational backgrounds, it demonstrates a commitment to quality. Graduates of the university’s family nurse practitioner program have perfect passing rates on the national NP certification exam and faculty say FNP grads easily secure employment after graduation. 

4. University of California San Francisco

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: Direct Entry, MSN

With the offerings of a big city and the backdrop of Napa Valley’s rolling hills, the crashing waves of the Pacific, and a wealth of outdoor entertainment offerings, San Francisco provides an ideal environment for completing the family nurse practitioner education. Not only can the location not be beat, the University of California San Francisco provides a top notch education. Faculty, for example, identify clinical sites for students relieving them of the burdensome task. The school also offers a Masters Entry Program in Nursing allowing students with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing to enter the family nurse practitioner track. 

5. Oregon Health and Science University

Certification Pass Rate: 95-100%

Degree Options: MSN, DNP

Flexibility meets quality is the name of the game at Oregon Health and Science University. The school offers both DNP and MSN tracks for family nurse practitioner students as well as part-time and full-time options. In addition, coursework is scheduled in evening hours to accommodate working students. The school also has multiple campuses making commuting to class easy on local students. Like our prior picks, faculty at OHSU assign students to clinical preceptorships eliminating the stress of finding one’s own clinical site. OHSU only opens applications up to its competitive FNP program once a year, so get your app in early. 

6. Pacific Lutheran University

Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Degree Options: MSN, DNP

If a smaller school is more your scene, Pacific Lutheran University offers a quality education in a more intimate university environment. Though the program may admit fewer students than those offered by larger schools, PLU’s grads enjoy similar academic outcomes. Family nurse practitioner graduates of the program have a passing rate of 100% on the national certification exam. As an additional testament to students’ success, faculty say nearly all FNP grads secure employment within a few months of graduation

Which West Coast pick will you choose for your family nurse practitioner degree?


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