Does anyone else feel like they spend the majority of their time at work or in the kitchen? Between brewing my morning cup-a-Joe, cramming down a quick breakfast, prepping a lunch, whipping up dinner and washing dishes, I’ve grown to feel like the kitchen is one of my primary locales these days. Now this isn’t a problem, I’m actually really fond of cooking and especially fond of eating, but it does mean that I like to keep the place clean and well stocked.

If you’re a nurse practitioner, it can be fun to keep some quirky reminders of your profession around the house and it turns out that kitchenware items in this department do not disappoint. Nurse practitioners who could stand to spice up their supply of gadgets should check out the following items.

1. Skeleton Oven Mitt

Even if you don’t have time to cook, you’ve still got to take that frozen meal out of the oven or remove last night’s reheated takeout from the microwave. Do so in true healthcare style with this skeleton oven mitt.

2. “It’s Going TIBIA Good Day” Mug

Pun intended, this coffee mug is a great way for nurse practitioners to kick off their morning. Not to mention, the mug is available in both 11oz and 15 oz. sizes for the NP that requires a little extra caffeine boost. Your day is guaranteed to begin with a smile if the It’s Going TIBIA Good Day” mug is in your cabinet. 

3. Anatomy Bowls 

Meal prepping can be kind of a drag, especially after a busy day in the clinic. Add a touch of fun to your next dinner making session by using these anatomy-themed bowls. Or, use them to serve dips when you have fellow students or colleagues over for a bite to eat.

4. Human Anatomy Apron

Avoid excess dry cleaning and keep your work wardrobe clean in the kitchen by meal prepping with this fun human anatomy apron. As an added bonus, the kitchen essential may also serve as a study guide for NP students.

5. “Because patients” wine glass

Working with a varied patient population can make for some stressful days. Decompress after a long day on the job with this stemless “Because patients” wine glass. Refill, anyone?!

6. Chest X-Ray & Lungs Cookie Cutters

In charge of providing sweets for your next work celebration? Not to worry! This set of chest X-ray and lung cookie cutters won’t disappoint.



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