6 Fall Work-Cations for Nurse Practitioners

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to get your calendar in gear for fall. With fall comes a new school year, refreshing weather, and a sense of comforting routine. It also reintroduces the daily grind. Opportunities for spontaneity and slacking off are fewer. So, why not put something to look forward to on your calendar in the coming months? There’s no better excuse to plan a vacation than spending your 2015 continuing education allowance before the year’s end.

Here are a few fall CME recommendations for nurse practitioners with a CME benefit burning a hole in their pocket. 


1. Cycling CME in Grand Junction, Colorado 

If you’re a road-biking junkie, this is the continuing medical education conference for you. Taught by Tour de France rider turned DO, Scott Mercier, the course covers all topics exercise and sports medicine and how they apply to your practice. Early morning and evening lectures are broken up by a mid-day cycle session in scenic Colorado. Course topics include ‘Physiology of Exercise at Altitude’, ‘Evaluation of Common Overuse Injuries’, and a workshop at the Colorado Mesa University Human Performance Lab to name a few.

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2. Challenges in Medicine Made Easy Cruise from Istanbul, Turkey

Getting credits while you cruise is pretty much the pinnacle of the CME experience. Depart from Istanbul, Turkey on this 13-night cruise of Turkey, Italy and the Greek Isles. Tours of exotic locals like Mykonos and Nice are complemented by a well-rounded educational experience. From ‘Feeed Mee! Handling Challenging Eating Habits in Kids’ to ‘When Things Go Awry…To Apologize or Not Apologize’, a variety of clinical and medical-legal topics will keep providers mentally engaged in this luxury work-cation.

3. Essentials in Primary Care in Duck Key, Florida

Keep up to date in the ever-changing world of primary care with the Essentials in Primary Care conference series. Choose from either of two, week-long sessions covering clinical the presentations of common disorders, the role of the primary care provider in managing these conditions, and the newest-evidence-based guidelines for treatment. Between classes, don’t forget to take in the sun, sand, and relaxing vibe of the top-rated Hawks Cay Resort.

4. AAFP Geriatric Medicine Live Course in Orlando, Florida

This course may cover geriatrics, but feel free to bring the kids along for a fun-filled Orlando work-cation. Learn the latest when it comes to common geriatric clinical problems from cholesterol risk calculators to an update on immunizations in the elderly. Classes adjourn by 12:30 every afternoon leaving plenty of time to hang with Goofy, Donald, Minnie and the gang.

5. Infectious Diseases in Primary Care in Boston, MA

If you’ve never been to Boston in the fall, it’s a weekend trip for the Bucket List. Take in the pulse of the city while attending this Harvard hosted infectious disease seminar. Hands-down, the best part of this course will be a keynote speech by Dr. Paul Farmer best known for his work combating tuberculosis in Haiti. Other course curriculum includes topics like ‘Infectious Disease in Immigrants’ and ‘Can’t-Miss Infectious Diseases’.

6. Fly-Fishing and Wilderness Medicine in Northern California

Not only does this continuing education conference promise to help nurse practitioners brush up on clinical skills, but sport-fishing know-how, too! Whether you’re a fly-fishing enthusiast, or a casting novice, the conference accommodates beginners to expert anglers. Not to mention, clinical instruction teaches providers how to brave the elements and treat wilderness-related illness and injuries.

How will you squeeze in your continuing education credits for 2015?


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