6 Companies That Can Help Make Your Practice Virtual

Integrating Telemedicine

Could you treat your patients virtually? From large hospital systems to small primary care practices, telehealth is rapidly evolving, becoming more widely available and easily accessible for both patients and providers. In primary care, it’s a great option for providers to turn to when a patient needs a basic consultation or follow up appointment but doesn’t necessarily need to be seen right away. 

Because it has grown quite quickly, some practice owners may find themselves fearful of how time-consuming and complicated integrating telehealth into their already busy practice may be. Fortunately, there is no shortage of telemedicine software companies on the market. Whether you want to take your practice completely virtual or just be up to par with the latest EHR system, here are six companies that will make integrating the latest telehealth technologies into your practice a cinch.

1.    eVisit

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Having worked with hundreds of virtual practices across dozens of specialties, eVisit doesn’t just simply provide telemedicine software to its customers, it also promises to be your trusted advisor, providing a concierge approach towards integrating telemedicine into your practice. Designed by providers for providers, eVisit starts by guiding you in the selection of a virtual practice blueprint that best fits your existing practice model. From simple appointment scheduling to EHR integrations, the company works with you on an ongoing basis to help you continuously improve patient utilization and workflows in order to increase revenue and reduce overhead.

2.    Chiron Health

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate the ability to connect with patients for routine appointments over a secure video visit into your practice, Chiron Health is a premier HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution. Using a cloud software platform to make routine visits easier and more convenient for both you and your patients, Chiron Health contains full support for your telemedicine needs including EHR integrations, and private billing and reimbursement tools.

3.    SnapMD

Winner of the 2017 and 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Award and selected as the Best Overall Telehealth Platform, SnapMD is a white-label telemedicine platform designed to help you easily adopt telemedicine into your existing and future practice model. In addition to providing the necessary technology needed in order to fully virtualize your clinic, SnapMD also provides integrated 360-degree services to help you get started. They also provide ongoing consulting services to help your telemedicine integrations continue to grow and be successful.

4.    VSee

Founded in 2008, VSee serves over 1,000 companies including Walgreens, Seton, McKesson-US Oncology and others. They’re also NASA’s official video chat and telemedicine platform aboard the International Space Station. VSee integrates secure health communications, virtual care workflows and SDKs to easily build and grow any telehealth platform; and its offerings include telemedicine kits and carts with medical devices. The complete telehealth platform promises to fit with any workflow.

5.    InTouch Health

With next-generation technology and the highest satisfaction rates in the industry, InTouch Health is committed to helping you bring world-class care to every patient, no matter where they may be. Ranked as the number one virtual care platform by KLAS Research, the InTouch Operating System is built on a cloud-based network that provides one scalable platform to deliver care for any use, including direct-to-consumer telehealth. InTouch Health gives you everything you need to power a modern telehealth program in your practice.  

6.    American Well + Avizia

If you’re looking start your own telehealth practice, American Well is a leading U.S. telehealth provider that allows you to set your own schedule, provides you with 24-hour support and it’s (mostly) free to use- they deduct a small credit card transaction fee per visit.

American Well will soon acquire Avizia, a leading player in acute care telehealth that powers over 1,300 hospitals and present in 38 countries. Currently, Avizia equips providers and their patients with easy to use software and intuitive mobile apps to streamline care coordination while also encouraging collaboration and patient engagement. Avizia is a leader in system-wide telehealth enablement with a clinically focused online experience that enables your care team with scheduling tools, integrated EHR medical history, and PACS imaging to further streamline telehealth.  

When the acquisition is final, the combined telehealth platform will serve millions of patients in their homes and in hospital settings; giving providers a single solution for treating all of their patients. The superior software solutions will enable your practice to streamline its clinical workflows, manage records easily and optimize your availability, delivering care beyond your typical geographic reach. Together, the two companies promise to off the best-in-class, telehealth platform for urgent care, chronic disease management, acute care and post-acute care.

Always do your research on which platform is best suited for your practices’ telehealth needs. While there are many reputable telehealth companies who are 100% HIPAA secure, it’s important to ensure that they are, in fact, compliant and that their systems are secure.  

Are you thinking about making your practice virtual?


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  1. I’m looking for a system that has Triage in place for example if you call with CHF the system will tell you what questions to ask , what treatment is needed etc.

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