6 Best Resources for Your Next Medical Research Paper

School is back in full swing and you no doubt have a few research paper deadlines looming.  Those nursing theory classes can be such a drag!  While there’s not a shortcut to completing these assignments, having a few go-to resources can help ease the burden of paper writing.

If you find yourself searching for credible sources of medical information, these online resources are sure to help.

1. PubMed

By far my favorite database for all things medical, PubMed catalogues a wealth of medical information.  With PubMed you can access millions of journal articles and other publications in their original form, an invaluable resource when drafting any research paper or project.

2. UpToDate

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Authored by physicians, articles on UpToDate convey the latest clinical knowledge including clinical decision making support.  Articles on UpToDate contain practical information pertinent to diagnosing and treating an endless number of medical conditions.  Although UpToDate requires a subscription for use, your school’s library likely offers complimentary access to this database.

3. Medscape Reference

Free and easy to access, Medscape Reference offers a wealth of medical information designed for use by the healthcare community.  Medscape provides information on a variety of medical conditions including categories like etiology, presentation, workup and treatment of the disease.  Whether you are writing a research paper or are in practice, Medscape provides convenient, well organized and credible information.

4. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Long acknowledged as a powerhouse among medical journals, JAMA contains a bounty of medical information.  JAMA online allows students to browse the most recent issue of the journal or search for a specific topic of interest.  JAMA does require a paid subscription for access to content but hit your school’s library as they likely offer free access for students.

5. British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Another highly regarded medical journal, the BMJ publishes an extensive amount of research.  The BMJ website allows students to search thousands of studies from all areas of medicine.  While the site does require a paid subscription to access the full version of articles, users can sign up for a 14-day free trial for access to the site.  This free trial is perfect for students simply seeking a few articles to help complete their most recent assignment.

6. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

Similar to our prior two picks, the NEJM falls among the most reputable medical journals.  The NEJM site is easy to use and gives a brief synopsis of thousands of medical studies.  To view the full version of articles, NEJM users must either pay for a subscription to the site or pay a small fee to purchase an individual article.  Your school’s library may offer free access to the NEJM making it an excellent resource for your next project.

Remember, always, always cite sources of information in your writing.  Most nurse practitioner programs require APA format.

What are your go-to resources for writing research papers?


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