5 Western NP Programs with a 100% Certification Pass Rate

If you haven’t noticed, we’re talking certification pass rates here on ThriveAP this week. If you’re applying to nurse practitioner schools, why should you care? Essentially, once you graduate from your NP program, you’ll have to take a national, standardized certification exam to prove that you learned enough to qualify to practice as a NP. Attending a school with a high NP certification pass rate means that you’re prepared to practice. Think twice about attending a school whose students don’t fare so well on the national certification exam.

From small towns to booming cities, the western region of the United States is sprawling with rolling plains, majestic mountains, pristine coastlines and world of educational opportunities for aspiring nurse practitioners. With so many great FNP programs to choose from, in addition to deciding whether you’d prefer to attend a program on the Pacific or Gulf Coast, it’s also important to consider where you’ll have the best chances at passing the NP certification exam. Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work for you. Check out these five, best of the west FNP programs with a 100% pass rate on the national certification exam.

University of California – Davis

Sacramento, CA

Rooted in a growing body of research and nurtured by a visionary faculty who seek to transform health care, the FNP program at UC-Davis embraces integrative case-based learning, and technology and systems-wide perspectives. Over the last several years, graduates have had a 100% pass rate on both the AANP and AACN exams.

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Western University of Health Sciences

Pomona, CA

WesternU pioneered the delivery of a web-based family nurse practitioner program, the very first of its kind at the time of its establishment in 1997. The hybrid program integrates online learning with intensive face-to-face seminar weekends and clinical opportunities within the students’ own communities.

University of Houston

Houston, TX

FNP graduates at the University of Houston have had a 100% pass rate on certification exams for the past three years. The face-to-face and web-enhanced classes are an ideal format for students with busy schedules.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Edinburg, TX

The FNP program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has had a 100% pass rate on certification exams for fifteen years. Not only do NP students have a great chance at passing their certification exam but the school is also affordable. In fact, UTRGV ranked number one as the most affordable university by Washington Monthly and the number three most affordable university in America by BestValueSchools.com.

Brigham Young University

Provo, UT

Located just forty miles south of Salt Lake City, BYU is the largest private school in the country and its FNP program is ranked among the top nursing graduate schools in the nation. Although the university gives preference to applicants who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they do have a non-discrimination policy and will accept other qualified applicants based upon available space.

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