5 Ways to Make Your Nurse Practitioner Resume Stand Out

The first step toward landing your ideal job as a nurse practitioner is creating a killer resume.  Your resume is a snapshot of you.  If it is disorganized, or sloppily put together, your prospective employer will assume the same about your personality and work ethic.  If you are missing key elements in your resume, your prospective employer will not get an accurate picture of your abilities and experience.  So what is important to include in your resume as a nurse practitioner?  Healthcare employment experts at healthecareers.com recommend including the following 5 things to make your resume stand out above the rest:

1. Customize Your Resume

Read the job description for which you are applying and make a list of keywords that your prospective employer lists as important.  Sprinkle these words throughout your resume.  If you are applying for multiple jobs, you should use this method to create a resume specifically tailored to each position.

2. Highlight Your Education and Certification

The non-medical employment sector often emphasizes experience over education.  However, as a nurse practitioner certification is important.  You are not eligible for hire if you have not completed all of the necessary components of your education.  List your certification and licenses early in your resume.  If your prospective employer requires additional certifications such as ACLS or PALS, completing these courses and listing them on your resume prior to application will be valuable.

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3. Clinical Experience- Yes, Even if You are a New Grad

If you are an experienced nurse practitioner, you will have no problem with this section of the resume.  Simply list your prior work experience.  If you are just finishing your nurse practitioner program, even if you don’t feel like you have any experience as an NP, you do!  List the names of clinics where you completed your clinical hours and outline the skills you have learned.  Medical volunteer experience also counts and should be listed.

4. Include Non-Medical Skills

Can you speak spanish?  Are you a wiz at computer repair?  There are many non-medical skills an employer may find valuable.  If you have any talents or abilities that could potentially make a positive impact in a clinic or hospital, be sure to include them.  Unique experiences or abilities can also make your resume stand out so an employer remembers you above other candidates.

5. Appearance Counts

Make sure your resume is well organized and easy to read.  Have your friends and family look it over pointing out any areas that may be confusing or unclear.  Keep your resume clean and simple.

Finding a nurse practitioner position can take time.  As you interview, continue to tweak your resume to address any concerns employers may have about your education or certification.  Be persistent and you will land your ideal NP position.

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