5 Most Expensive FNP Programs

Getting your nurse practitioner degree is pricey no matter where you choose to attend school.  But which family nurse practitioner programs come with the most exorbitant price tags?

We reviewed the estimated tuition costs associated with earning an MSN degree in the family nurse practitioner specialty at over 200 schools.  These figures do not take into account living expenses, text books and additional fees.  Here are the country’s five most expensive FNP programs:

1. New York University ($80, 852)

Everything is expensive in New York, including an FNP degree from NYU.  In exchange for it’s hefty price tag, NYU advertises that it’s NP programs offer a small student to faculty ratio as well as ample individualized attention.  Unlike some other FNP programs, NYU does organize it’s clinical placements for students so that aspiring FNP’s are not left out to dry when it comes to finding a clinical preceptorship.

2. Emory University ($75,200)

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Situated in Atlanta, Georgia, Emory University’s FNP program undoubtedly provides students with an exciting, vibrant community in which to live as well as a strong primary care environment in which to practice.  Emory’s unique location allows for a variety of urban and rural clinical practice settings in which FNP students can earn their clinical hours.  The FNP program at Emory is also unique in that students may complete supplementary clinical hours at a specialty practice such as an endocrinology or neurology clinic.  By paying the premium to attend Emory, FNP students will be awarded a well-rounded educational experience difficult to find at many other universities.

3. John’s Hopkins University ($73,246)

In exchange for steep tuition, John’s Hopkins has committed itself to excellence, especially in clinical technology.  John’s Hopkins FNP students have the opportunity to practice their clinical skills in two simulation labs.  Simulation allows students to gain hands-on NP skills in a realistic, interactive learning environment.  This learning environment helps nurse practitioners in-training bridge the gap between the classroom and real-life patient care.

4. University of Delaware ($69,598)

University of Delaware’s FNP program features flexibility often lacking in other renowned institutions.  With all core courses offered online and other required courses meeting on campus after 3pm, FNP students enjoy a schedule that allows them to fit in employment and family obligations in addition to their education.  University of Delaware affords students the luxury of having their clinical sites assigned so that FNP students avoid the stress of locating their own clinical placement.  For this price, U of D adequately prepares students for their future careers.  University of Delaware nurse practitioner students have a 99% pass rate on the national certification exam.

5. University of Michigan Ann Arbor ($62,717)

Although expensive, the family nurse practitioner program at Ann Arbor boasts what they call “The Michigan Difference”.  FNP faculty at University of Michigan promise a broad but thorough education for aspiring FNP’s.  FNP students occasionally share courses with other NP specialties ensuring they are taught by faculty members who are experts in their field.  Students also have the opportunity to become involved in research.  For example, former FNP students have partnered with faculty members to assist with research projects such as HIV prevention among Mexican youth and physical and psychosocial well-being in homeless women and children.  University of Michigan also offers FNP students a diverse array of clinical practice settings not only limited to options in the U.S.  Some students have the opportunity to travel with the World Health Organization offering healthcare services across the globe.

These top 5 most expensive FNP programs are not the only pricey way to obtain an FNP degree.  Our runner’s up to the top five most expensive FNP programs include The Catholic University of America ($62,480), University of Miami ($61,420), University of Pennsylvania ($61,362), Duke University ($61,110) and the University of San Diego ($59,110).

Is it worth it to pay more for your FNP degree?  It depends.  Our top five most expensive FNP programs offer attention to quality missed by some other programs.  Students attending these programs consistently boast high passing rates on the national nurse practitioner certification exam.   You will likely still earn a similar salary once you graduate with an FNP degree regardless of how much you spend for your diploma.  Budget conscious?  Check out our list of Best Value Nurse Practitioner Programs.


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