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Do you have an entrepreneurial bent? If starting your own practice is a career aspiration, the best place to begin your endeavor is by talking to other nurse practitioners who’ve done the same. I have spoken with a number of NP practice owners who’ve shared their stories here on ThriveAP.

Owning a practice has a number of ups and downs. Being aware of the challenges you might face as a nurse practitioner practice owner is essential to your future success. Keeping the rewards of practice ownership in mind will help you maintain your motivation and keep your dreams alive when you encounter bumps along the road. Check out these experiences from NPs who’ve taken the leap into entrepreneurship.

1. Cynthia Malowitz, ANP, FNP – Bay Area Quick Care 

Dual certified Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner Cynthia Malowitz, founder and owner of Bay Area Quick Care, is a nurse practitioner success story, thanks to her perseverance and unmatched work ethic. Cynthia had a varied background before jumping into her solo endeavor, but “I was never really an employee”, she says. Cynthia worked for six years as an independent contractor in urgent care, internal medicine and family practice settings. She often filled in for physicians when they took vacations or needed an extra set of hands. Working in urgent care was her favorite setting and she decided opening her own clinic would be a good path. Read more as Cynthia gives ThriveAP readers an honest look at clinic ownership.  

2. Cymande Baxter-Rogers, FNP – Altum Psychiatric Services

Cymande and her husband Gregg Rogers founded Altum Psychiatric Services a little less than a year ago. They have gained valuable knowledge in these early months of their business ownership adventure and Cymande was kind enough to take the time to tell me a little bit about their experience. Check out my conversation with Cymande about her jounrey to entrepreneurship. 

3. Nancy Dirubbo, DNP – Travel Health of New Hampshire

When she first began her career as a family nurse practitioner, Dr. Nancy Dirubbo’s initial goal was not to own her own practice. Now nearly four decades later, she finds herself having owned three successful businesses as an NP entrepreneur, her first of which is now one of the oldest nurse practitioner owned and operated primary care practices in the United States. Dr. Dirubbo’s first hand experiences in starting and operating small businesses are inspiring, to say the least. Read about her latest business venture, a travel medicine clinic, here. 

4. Chris Salter, FNP – Bowden Family Medicine 

While you may aspire to own your own practice, you’ll likely need to involve others in the process of founding, opening and operating your clinic. Chris Salter overcame several hurdles on his path to opening Bowden Family Medicine and discusses with ThriveAP the importance of partnerships in business. Read more about how Chirs engaged partners in business here. 

5. Mimi Gerber, FNP – East Nashville Family Medicine 

I have personally worked with Mimi, part owner of East Nashville Family Medicine. So, I was excited to hear the story of how she went out on her own. I become even more interested in Mimi’s story when she mentioned it all started with, well, poop. Read the story of Mimi’s path to clinic ownership here. 

Are you a nurse practitioner entrepreneur? We’d love to hear your story! Reach out to ThriveAP to share your experience. 


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  • patti robertson says:

    Barbara Phillips and Wendy Wright as well as Sharmaine Lawson would be good to feature in your blog. Sharmaine will be doing “What is a NP” for Alexis from Amazon. Mimi Secor had her own busines and then at 62 transformed her body and her life when she started doing body building.

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