Last week, my mom came to visit. Every morning she would wake up and walk into the kitchen to the quick click, click, click sound made by my laptop keyboard. Steam would be nearly coming out of my ears as I typed away. “I think you might be addicted to blogging” she nonchalantly commented one particularly steam-coming-out-the-ears kind of morning.

While I wouldn’t say I’m a blog posting addict, I’m quite obviously into sharing my life and career online. I enjoy posting every one of the the ins, outs, ups, and downs of my career as a nurse practitioner. And, most of all, I am excited about the community blogging creates. It gives us as nurses and NPs, both practicing and aspiring, the chance to connect with each other. So, naturally, as part of my blogging obsession (not addiction, mom) I regularly check out what other healthcare bloggers are up to. Over the years, I have identified a few clear favorites (besides ThriveAP, of course).

1. ZDoggMD

If there’s one thing that’s lacking in the medical field, it’s definitely humor, with creativity a close second. Thankfully, ZDoggMD has taken on the challenge of filling these gaps for medical providers who could use a laugh. Dr. Zubin Damania gives his take on health through hilarious videos and parodies that just might make you pee your pants.

2. The Health Care Blog

What to know what’s going on in the world of medicine? Visit The Health Care Blog (THCB). THCB has it all. From technology and economics to health and wellness, THCB covers each and every aspect of the medical profession. Engagement on the blog is high so readers can get a sense of the feeling other medical providers have on relevant issues by reading the wealth of posted comments.

3. Kevin MD

Directed towards physicians, Kevin MD occasionally posts content discussing nurse practitioners as well. Although most posts on the site are written by docs, they discuss relevant topics for medical providers as a whole. From posts like “This is why doctors practice cover your ass medicine” to “Medicine is like blackjack“, KevinMD publishes interesting and controversial takes on medicine authored by providers practicing in a variety of specialties.

4. MedGadget

If you like tech toys, MedGadget is the place for you. The site covers the latest medical inventions on and off the market giving readers a sneak peek into what the future of healthcare holds. A sampling of the site’s latest gadgets include a no-contact EKG activity tracker and Jerry, the bear that helps diabetic kids learn to monitor blood sugar.

5. The Medical Bag

A fun blend of writings from multiple medical providers, The Medical Bag gives the latest takes on not only clinical topics but also interesting happenings in healthcare. The Medical Bag probably won’t revolutionize your thoughts on health reform or give you insight into dealing with Medicare, but it is the perfect place to be entertained when you’ve got a few minutes of down time while getting your oil changed.

Which healthcare blogs are you following?


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