Mastering the art of ECG interpretation is tough. Reading ECGs proficiently is a skill that takes practice and fine tuning over time. Nurse practitioners working in some environments may not see ECGs everyday making it even more difficult to hone these skills. Fortunately for NPs, there are several organizations offering ECG interpretation focused courses and conferences. If your ECG interpretation skills leave room for improvement, check out these continuing medical education courses to get you up to speed. 

1. 12-Lead ECGs & Arrhythmias: Diagnosis and Treatment

From basic 12-lead ECG interpretation to managing cardiac arrhythmias, this conference takes ECG interpretation a step beyond most courses. Not only do participants review the basics of reading ECGs, but also learn practical clinics steps to take based on interpretation results. Better yet, the conference is hosted onboard a 7-night Caribbean cruise. Ahoy!

2. National Procedures Institute – EKG Interpretation

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This one-and-a-half-day course dives into the basic fundamentals of ECG interpretation. From mathematical evaluation of ECGs to identification of arrhythmias, nurse practitioners participating in this course will refresh and expand upon clinical cardiac know-how.

3. Northwest Anesthesia – Comprehensive EKG Seminar

Northwest Anesthesia Seminars’ EKG course isn’t just for healthcare providers practicing in the operating room. Material covers the basics of ECG interpretation, identifying myocardial ischemia and arrhythmias, as well as arrhythmia treatment guidelines. Nurse practitioners may also opt to pair the course with ACLS and PALS training compiling sessions into a 4-day event.

4. 12-Lead ECG Recording, Reading, and Responding

The American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine offers a variety of ECG related courses throughout the year. Nurse practitioners looking to master the basics of the ECG should consider attending 12-Lead ECG Recording, Reading, and Responding course while those looking to build upon basic knowledge may consider the Advanced 12-Lead ECG Course. The organization also offers a three-day clinical cardiology review class geared toward nurse practitioners.

5. Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp

This four-day course covers an advanced curriculum featuring topics like antidysrhythmic drugs, hypertrophy and chamber enlargement, heart block, AV dissociation, and more. The course is unique in that attendance is limited to just 10 participants for an interactive, supportive learning environment. Participants must have at least an intermediate level of skill in reading and interpreting ECGs to attend. 

Could your ECG interpretation skills use some brushing up?


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