While enrolling in a PA program at a prestigious university may seem advantageous, it is not always the most financially feasible option, especially when factoring in the added cost of books, fees and other living expenses incurred in addition to tuition. Though aspiring PAs may feel that the more well-known and expensive the program, the better the education; as they say, bigger is not always better. Carefully researching and considering the tuition costs at other programs to see how they compare to pricier options can truly pay off in the long run both financially and educationally.

Last week we looked at the top five most expensive MSPAS programs in the nation. This week, we’re diving into the five best value PA programs.

1. University of North Dakota 

Est. Tuition: $36,630

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The PA Program at UND is the only one of its kind in North Dakota to have held continuous accreditation since 1974. Its unique dual entry admission structure is geared towards clinically practicing health professionals and applicants with an educational background in science and health care. The innovative delivery of the 24th month program curriculum over online coursework and classroom instruction provides distinctive value to an exceptional comprehensive education for aspiring PA students. Program tuition is consistent for both in-state and out-of-state residents attending program.

2. Missouri State University 

Est. Tuition: $45,484

Admitting only 32 students annually, the small student to faculty ratio at Missouri State’s PA program ensures that each student receives individualized attention. Throughout every phase of the 24 month program, students gain clinical experience with special emphasis on primary and rural care, learning in state-of-the-art facilities and with community healthcare partners of the university.  The program tuition is slightly less for residents of Missouri at $40,567 total.

3. Baylor College of Medicine 

Est. Tuition: $46,340

Unlike the majority of PA Programs offered in the State of Texas, program tuition at Baylor College of Medicine’s is the same for all students regardless of residency status. Located in the largest medical center in the world, the college is recognized as the premier private academic health science center in the Greater Southwest; and its 30 month physician assistant program ranks 13th amongst the top MSPA programs in the country. Students at Baylor College of Medicine receive early exposure to underserved members of the Houston community, where they become adept to social and medical issues through a service learning requirement.

4. Northern Arizona University

Est. Tuition: $52,856

Arizona’s only public university PA program, students at NAU study at the school’s state-of-the-art Biomedical Campus located on 30 acres in downtown Phoenix. The 24 month program, which operates in collaboration with the University of Arizona, admits 50 students annually. Students of the program have the opportunity to complete their clinical rotations throughout Arizona, including at the Mayo Clinic. Tuition for students who are residents of the state is significantly less at $28,882 total.

5. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 

Est. Tuition: $56,638

The 27 month curriculum at Texas Tech’s PA Program provides didactic and clinical practice experiences emphasizing primary care in the underserved areas. While students attend classes for the first year of the program at the Midland campus, equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment, during the clinical rotation phase they’re able to participate in a wide range of opportunities in sites across west Texas. Upon graduation and obtaining state licensure, alumni are eligible to participate in TTUHSC’s Rural PA Fellowship which provides further education for PAs interested in improving the health care systems in medically underserved communities across Texas, the nation and the world. PA students who are residents of the Lone Star State receive an even lower tuition rate at just $25,047.80 total for the entire program.

*Tuition costs listed are an estimate and are subject to change. Other fees may apply. Contact your PA school of interest for the most up to date information on the cost of attendance.

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