5 Best Scrub Brands for Men

It’s all about guys this week here at ThriveAP headquarters. Earlier in the week we talked top men’s lab coats, then we moved on to featuring the best trauma shears (ever). Now, let’s discuss workwear. Finding the perfect pair of scrubs is essential for every nurse or nurse practitioner’s wardrobe so let’s take a look at the best duds for dudes.

Scrubs are pretty much the most boring piece of clothing you can imagine. Fortunately, for guys, there have been a few new advancements when it comes to healthcare wear in recent years. Companies are beginning to blend some of your favorite casual clothing features into the medical wardrobe. The most recent innovation for guys? Think sports shorts meets scrub set. Performance scrubs are the most recent craze on the scrub scene leaving more options for guys than ever before.

With the ever-increasing choices out there, which scrub set should you pick for your next wardrobe upgrade? Here are our top picks.

1. TiScrubs Men’s Basic Scrubs

Not only are TiScrubs built for performance, founders of the brand have an interesting backstory. Passionate about sports, teeth and his community, dentist Bill Busch founded TeamSmile, a volunteer organization reaching out to kids. TeamSmile is promoted nationwide through involvement from professional sports teams like NFL team Kansas City Chiefs. Looking for some cooler, sports-inspired gear for TeamSmile volunteers to wear, Dr. Busch created these athletic-inspired duds. The scrubs became so popular among volunteers that Busch expanded TiScrubs making them available to healthcare providers nationwide. Consistent with his commitment to charity, a portion of proceeds from each sale go towards funding TeamSmile.

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2. Jockey Scrubs

Another recent innovator on the performance scrubs scene, Jockey’s 7-Pocket Pant Scrub Set is an excellent option for guys looking to try the new trend. The scrubs are comfortable, functional, fitted but not tight, and have a hint of an athletic look.

3. Figs Scrubs 

If you’re looking for something on the classic side and have yet to embrace the performace wear trend, then Figs are the scrubs for you. Casual, comfortable, and simple, Figs get the job done. Compared to many other scrub brands, they maintain their crisp color even after the repeated laundering required of clothing worn in the clinic or hospital. Not only does Figs offer 100% awesome medical apparel, for every set of scrubs sold Figs donates a set of scrubs to a healthcare provider in need.

4. Medelita Scrubs

Going for a more sophisticated look? Medelita’s got you covered. The brand offers scrub sets for men made with top qulity fabrics and a fit that gives a more distinguished appearance than other brands.

5. Carhartt Utility Scrubs

The leaders in tough workwear have taken a leap into medicine. Carhartt, known for all things manly, designs its scrubs with utility in mind. Constructed with rip-resistant fabric and built with triple-stitched seams for strength, Carhartt scrubs also feature plenty of pockets for storage of pens, shears, and the other tools healthcare providers rely on to make it through the day. As an added feature, Carhartt scrub tops are a bit longer in the back than the front providing added coverage (you aren’t a plumber, after all).

Guys- What are your favorite scrubs? Weight in by posting a comment. 


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