4 YouTube Channels Worth Watching for Nurses

By ThriveAP Intern and Soon To Be Nurse Olivia DeFilippo

YouTube is amazing. I use it to view hair and makeup tutorials, learn about the lives of others, take virtual guitar and piano lessons, watch old TV episodes, witness epic back flips gone wrong, and more. The amount of information contained in YouTube videos is pretty much infinite. You name it, it’s on YouTube. I can spend endless hours tuning in to videos on the site (you know you do the same!).

As a nursing student, my life is now almost totally consumed with getting my degree and my aspiration of becoming a nurse. So, I figured why not use this amazing medium in a manner that fits my educational pursuits? I have found many YouTube channels that do just that…and they actually help me with my studies. The next time you find yourself watching Emma Stone’s noteworthy lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon (Erin’s current YouTube fave), or tuning in to an ancient episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos, stop and ask yourself what you gain from watching. Is spending your time watching some kids wipe out on skateboards or something to assist you with your life’s ambitions and career goals more beneficial?

I’ve discovered a few YouTube channels worth watching on my path to nursing. Here are my favorites.

scrubsBeat: The Katie Duke Show

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If you’ve seen NY Med, then you know exactly who Katie is. She is blunt, hilarious, and easy to relate to. It was actually through her Twitter account (@KatieDuke) that I discovered her YouTube channel. I love Katie Duke’s coined phrase “deal with it”. My favorite video is Episode 5 where she explains that nursing school is created to weed people out. Katie believes that if you don’t begin to doubt your career choice, then either you are not being challenged or you just aren’t passionate enough.

Nurse Nacole

Nurse Nacole is amazing! She has videos for nursing students, graduate nurses, and practicing nurses. Nurse Nacole covers a wide variety of topics ranging from nursing school tips to interview tactics and product reviews. Being a nursing student and type A personality, I enjoy watching her videos on becoming organized, improved notetaking, and tips from her own experiences on being successful.


This channel hosts videos that are unique when compared to other nursing channels. EmpoweRN discusses topics like dealing with rude patients, choosing a nursing school, happiness in nursing, and how to remove surgical staples. My favorite video, How to Succeed in Nursing School, gives practical tips and tricks and even product reviews.

Nurse Stephen

Nurse Stephen gives important insight into the nursing profession with his videos discussing health policy, career goals, and nursing school advice. This channel offers a realistic perspective of the nursing profession from experiences in the field to taking the NCLEX exam. My favorite of Nurse Stephen’s videos is Top 10 Things to Know about Nursing.


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