3 Reasons to Stick With the Classics + Scrub Giveaway

Does anyone remember what we wore to work before Grey’s Anatomy?  The TV phenomenon swept the trendiest members of the healthcare community off their feet by launching a fashionable, fitted line of scrubs.  With Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, we could all be alluring like Ellen and cute like Katherine.  Finally, someone had got it right.

Grey’s Anatomy scrubs captured the casual, comfortable look to which we were accustomed pulling the seams in just a bit tighter to reveal, well, a body underneath.  Who knows where we would be today without this TV-based rendition of classic healthcare couture?  Although other scrub companies have followed in Grey’s footsteps, attempting to recreate this perfect mix of fashion and function, few have come close.  As a result, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs remain the staple of my personal workplace wardrobe.

Here’s why I stick with the classics:

  1. The Perfect Fit– They’re not too long, they’re not too short, they’re not too baggy, they’re not too tight.  I’ve never seen anyone (who purchased the appropriate size, of course) look unkempt in a set of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs.  They are simply cut to perfection.
  2. Functionality-Have you noticed some newer designer scrub companies are forgoing the bottom, front pocket on the scrub top?  No, it may not be super slimming to place a pocket over your belly, but it sure does make life on the job a whole lot easier.  Perfect for placing pens and name badges, the front pocket on Grey’s scrub tops is a necessity for productivity.
  3. Longevity- I can’t tell you how long I’ve had my Grey’s Anatomy scrubs.  Mostly because I don’t actually know, but also because if I did I’d be embarrassed to admit their age.  These scrubs hold up wonderfully in the wash and best of all exit the dryer wrinkle free.  Does your disorganized dresser keep them crumpled in a small pile?  A quick ‘Wrinkle Release’ cycle in the dryer and my Grey’s are ready to go.

Don’t own a set of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs?  You need to.  Already own a pair of your own?  Then you know you want some more.  The fine folks at Medelita (who also make an amazing scrub line of their own) have agreed to give away two sets of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs in celebration of Nurse’s Week, one to each of two lucky winners.

How do you enter to win?  Tell me why you are in dire need of a set of some classic scrubs.  Maybe yours got puked on at work the other night and they had to hit the trash?  Looking for your first NP job?  You’ll need some as well.  E-mail me at erin.tolbert@thriveap.com to enter.  Please indicate your color preference, steel and indigo are available.

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Best of luck, and Happy Nurse’s Week!


Note: I was not compensated for this post.

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Stick With the Classics + Scrub Giveaway”

  1. Susan Gustafson

    I need some new nursing scrubs as the pockets on most of my tops are ruined from black ink leaking out of my pens. I prefer the steel color scrub set. suesur at msn dot com

  2. I need new scrubs. I work in a acute psychiatric hospital and needless to say I have been covered in all substances and they are usually bad. New scrubs would be great.

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