3 Apps That Take Nurse Practitioner Certification Prep Mobile

I have to say, I’m more of a pen and paper kind of studier. The simple act of writing a study guide, or manually shading in the circles for correct responses on a practice exam helps me recall the material more easily come test time. While hands on study sessions are valuable, there’s also something to be said for study methods that allow for a quick, impromptu review session. Nurse practitioners preparing to take the certification exam this year may find these apps helpful for taking study sessions mobile.

Nurse Practitioner Certification Q&A Review

Springer Publishing Company’s nurse practitioner certification review apps are tailored to each specialty and help with prep for both the ANCC and AANP exams. The apps each contain more than 600 practice test questions covering the various topics presented on the exam. Nurse practitioners may also view the rationale for the answer to each question, helping clear up confusion about questions that are missed. Nurse Practitioner Certification Q&A Review is a convenient resource for cramming in a few minutes of study here and there, or as a supplement to a more lengthy study session.

AANP Family Nurse Practitioner Exam Prep 

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While this app is customized for AANP nurse practitioner certification review, NPs planning to certify through the ANCC will benefit from the convenience of this app as well. Purchase of the premium version of the app gives access to 500 practice exam questions as well as detailed answer explanations. The exam day countdown feature serves as a reminder that test day is impending, giving nurse practitioners extra motivation to hit the books.

FNP Mastery: ANCC and AANP Examination Test Preparation

Downloading this free app for family nurse practitioner certification prep is a no brainer. With 500 practice questions, as well as quizzes, mnemonics, and more, the app makes a valuable study supplement. As an added bonus, the app measures users weakest and strongest categories helping direct further exam preparation. Custom alerts remind users of planned study time helping keep certification study plans on track.

Do you plan to use apps to help study for your nurse practitioner certification exam?

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