3 Apps to Help Your Patients With Medication Management

Even though I have been a nurse practitioner for a number of years, I don’t think I ever fully appreciated how difficult it can be for patients to manage a medication regimen until recently. Given that a few individuals close to myself have found themselves in similar situations, prescribed numerous meds, the problem now seems closer to home. Some drugs must be taken with food, and others without. Medications may be prescribed one, two, three, or even four times a day making taking each pill at the appropriate time nearly impossible. In yet other cases, drugs must be refrigerated, which makes taking them on the go a challenge. 

Often times, healthcare providers become frustrated with patients labeled as ‘non-compliant’, but it’s easy to see where well intentioned individuals go astray when it comes to adhering to a medication regimen. Managing multiple medications is difficult, and can easily consume one’s day. Fortunately, there are several apps out there that simplify medication management and help patients stay on track with their meds. If you’re a nurse practitioner, consider recommending these apps to your patients who have trouble sticking to their med schedule. 

1. MediSafe Pill Reminder, Medication, and Prescription Organizer

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Medisafe has a wealth of features in addition to simple medication reminders. It allows family members to sync regimens, operating with one virtual pillbox, so that an entire family may be managed with one account. The app also works with savings program GoodRx so users receive discount coupons for their medications. Reminders with Medisafe can be tailored to make pill taking fun, with Darth Vader, Elsa, or even a nagging mom voice to remind the user to take his or her medications. Medisafe is free to download and use, and also pairs with the Apple watch. Finally, what is possibly our favorite feature, Medisafe even has a spot to track a pet’s drug regimen. 

2. Mango Health Medication Manager and Pill Reminder

Mango Health makes medication management easy. The app not only gives reminders when users are due to take medications, it also rewards good behavior. Each day that medications are taken correctly, the user earns points. Points unlock the chance to win rewards, such as gift cards to stores, or donations to local charities. Another valuable feature, Mango Health also alerts users when it’s refill time, reminding them that medication supply is running low. Mango Health is highly rated by users, is free to download and use, and also syncs with the Apple watch. 

3. Pillboxie

Pillboxie is less complex than other medication management apps, allowing users to sort medications into a virtual pill box. The app reminds the user when medication is due. It also contains a handy feature that allows the user to record the appearance of each medication to avoid confusion when it’s time for a dose. Pillboxie is perfect for the patient who needs a simple reminder system without all the techie bells and whistles.

What medication reminder apps do you recommend to your patients?


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