2015’s Top Blog Posts for Aspiring Nurse Practitioners

One of my favorite things about the week leading up to the New Year is the look back on past months. Articles featuring the year’s “Best Of” and “Top 10” lists make entertaining and often nostalgic reads. So, in keeping with the tradition of revisiting the past 12 months, this week on ThriveAP we’re featuring our subjectively best and objectively most read articles of 2015. To start, here are your (and our!) favorite posts for aspiring nurse practitioners.

1. Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before Choosing a Nurse Practitioner Specialty

Thinking about a future nurse practitioner career? Your options for specialties are almost limitless. You may consider working in cardiology, dermatology or neurology. Perhaps you want to focus on a procedure-based career and secure employment with a surgical group. One of the great things about becoming a nurse practitioner is that you have a number of options when it comes to your practice area and can transition among them throughout your career. Despite the flexibility NPs enjoy, students would be wise to think through their interests before enrolling in a nurse practitioner program. Continue reading…

2. How To Be the Ideal Nurse Practitioner Program Applicant

Applying to nurse practitioner programs is not an easy task. Not only are there hundreds of programs to choose from, application requirements for each program can be quite demanding. You must request letters of recommendation, write admissions essays and prepare for interviews. Fortunately, the time and energy you put into your NP program application will be worth the effort. Which parts of the application process matter most in the eyes of admissions faculty? Continue reading…

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3. 5 Questions You Need to Ask in a Nurse Practitioner Program Interview

If you are in the process of applying to nurse practitioner programs, you’re being asked a lot of questions. “Tell me about yourself…”, “Talk about a time when you overcame a challenge…” and “What kind of nursing experience do you have?” are the types of responses you are thinking through. From filling out your address to drafting a perfectly crafted personal statement, the application process is all about sharing yourself with nurse practitioner program admissions staff. But, there is a time in the admissions process to turn the tables. Continue reading…

4. How Much Can You Realistically Work During Your NP Program

Maintaining some semblance of an income is essential for most nurse practitioner students. Living costs, tuition, books, and unforeseen expenses add up. Planning a practical budget and setting reasonable expectations is a must. The life of a working student can be a difficult one and many prospective students aren’t sure how many hours they should plan on working during their NP program. What can you expect when it comes to balancing employment with student life? Continue reading…

5. Avoid These 4 Mistakes on Your NP Program Application

While writing your NP program admissions essays can seem like a daunting task, there are a few things nurse practitioner programs consistently look for in your responses. And, there are a few common red flags admissions faculty notice that can land your app squarely in the recycle bin. What common mistakes should you avoid in writing your NP program admissions essays and personal statements? Continue reading…

6. How Much Will a Nurse Practitioner Education Really Cost You?

Cost is most certainly a factor in the decision to further your nursing career. While there are plenty of loans available to prospective NPs, eventually these must be paid back to the lending institution. The amount you borrow isn’t the actual amount you must plan to repay. Interest accrues over the course of your loan meaning the actual cost of becoming a nurse practitioner is far higher than published tuition rates. How much will your NP program really cost you? Continue reading…

7. Ask Erin: “What are the most important things to consider in choosing a NP program?”

Last week, I received a question from Abbey, an aspiring nurse practitioner in the process of selecting a school. Abbey’s question is one I commonly receive so I thought it worthy of a reply in this week’s ‘Ask Erin’ column. If you are applying to nurse practitioner programs and weighing your options when it comes to your NP education, check out our correspondence. Continue reading…

8. 7 Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Nurse Practitioner Education

Prepared or not, your nurse practitioner education is going to cost you thousands of dollars. So, making decisions about how you plan to become an NP shouldn’t be taken lightly. Putting some extra research and effort in on the front-end of your education could save you thousands of dollars of hard earned money later. Here are a few tips and tricks for managing the cost of your nurse practitioner education. Continue reading…

9. Are Nurse Practitioner Programs Really as Competitive as They Seem?

I receive a lot of questions about nurse practitioner program applications. From deciding how many applications to submit to drafting a personal statement, the NP program application process can be quite overwhelming. Another concern among many applicants is that nurse practitioner programs seem to be quite competitive. While many universities are home to selective nurse practitioner programs, they may not be quite as difficult to get into as it appears looking at their stats. Continue reading…

10. The Clutch Answer to Any NP Program Interview Question  

Summer is the perfect time to get started on your nurse practitioner program applications due this fall. After all, writing personal statements isn’t quite as taxing if done while laying by the pool, right? As you wade through the different pieces of your NP program application, it’s not to early to start thinking about the next steps in the application process including a potential in-person or phone based admissions interview. Continue reading…

11. The Monthly Cost of Your Nurse Practitioner Student Loans

If you’re thinking through the logistics of furthering your nursing education, cost is, of course, a significant consideration. Can you afford to become a nurse practitioner? What will your lifestyle look like if you need to take out a substantial amount in student loans? Yesterday I looked at the actual cost of the NP education taking student loan interest into account. Today, let’s look at this number in a manner more conducive to financial planning, your anticipated monthly student loan payment. Continue reading…

What were your favorite posts for aspiring nurse practitioners in 2015?


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