11 Gotta Have ‘Em Back to School Tees for Nurse Practitioners

I’ve made a habit of purchasing funny tees for the various seasons of the year, holidays, and other events. Something about having an “I’m just here for the boos” pullover for Halloween, or a “Too cool for British rule” tee for the 4th makes the day all the more enjoyable. While back to school season is exciting, for nurse practitioner students it can also mean a mountain of dread. So, why not conquer your next essay writing weekend or library cram session while wearing an outfit that makes you smile?

If you could use some help putting a grin on your face for back to school, check out these comical tees for nurse practitioner students. Oh yeah, and, most of these tees, tanks, and pullovers are available in different colors and styles. So, if you like the mantra, you can customize it to your preference.

1. I Was an Honor Student…I Don’t Know What Happened

Nurse practitioner school. That’s what happened.

2. My Weekend is All Booked

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No truer statement has ever been uttered about the life of a nursing student. Your study materials may be online these days, but nurse practitioner students can expect to spend a significant amount of time reading.

3. I’ve Got 99 Problems and They’re All Due Tomorrow

The life of a nurse practitioner student in a nutshell. Perhaps this pullover will ward off the mood that comes along with midterms and finals week this semester.

4. I’m Not a Regular Nerd, I’m a Cool Nerd

Sure you are… Chances are if you’re headed to grad school, you’ve been called a nerd a time or two in your life. As an adult student, now’s the time to own it. After all, you’re about to be raking in a salary higher than your former jock classmates ever dreamed of (except for that one who did end up getting drafted into the NFL…).

5. Hugs Keep Us Alive

An interesting and positive perspective on internal organs. And, maybe a super secret cheat sheet for your physiology exam?

6. I Look Fab in the Lab

Whether you’re completing nurse practitioner program prerequisites, or have been spending some quality time in your nursing school’s SimMan lab, becoming an NP involves a lot of hands-on learning. Celebrate it in style.

7. Eat. Sleep. Nurse. 

Pretty much sums it up.

8. Working Off My Adipose

When you do find time to hit the gym, show off your nursing knowledge with this hilarious tank. Other healthcare junkies in the room are sure to comment. Not to be worn while eating pizza late night. 

9. Anatomy Jokes are Cornea

Gotta love a good nursing joke 🙂

10. What Do You Mean Scrubs Are Not Sexy?

Most days, as a nurse practitioner student, you don’t feel like you look your best. Tired bags under your eyes tell tales of sleep deprivation secondary to studying. Hurried mornings are topped off my running out the door in rumpled scrubs. So, why not make light of the situation with this t-shirt pick?

11. Cute Enough to Stop Your Heart, Skilled Enough to Restart It

Cute enough for your next casual Tinder date. Comfy enough for a lonely Friday evening study session.


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