10 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners

Each year the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics collects salary information for various professions and in the spring publishes data for the prior year. And, the stats are out for NPs in 2017! Salary is always an interesting topic of discussion so over the next few weeks on ThriveAP, you can expect some insight on compensation for nurse practitioners around the country. Today we’re looking at the cities where nurse practitioners can expect to earn the most. 

Keep in mind that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data looks at average pay. So, it is possible to earn more or less in these and other cities depending on the specifics of the job. While some of these cities you might expect to find on the top-paying list as they are located in high cost of living areas like California, others are surprising. Without further ado, NPs in these ten cities earn top wages. 

1. Palm Bay / Melbourne / Titusville, FL

Mean Hourly Wage: $78.93

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Annual Mean Wage: $164,180


2. San Francisco, CA

Mean Hourly Wage: $72.91

Annual Mean Wage: $151,660


3. Spokane, WA

Mean Hourly Wage: $72.14

Annual Mean Wage: $150,040


4. Alexandria, LA

Mean Hourly Wage: $69.24

Annual Mean Wage: $144,010


5. Peabody / Salem / Beverly, MA

Mean Hourly Wage: $68.62

Annual Mean Wage: $142,730


6. San Jose / Sunnyvale / Santa Clara, CA

Mean Hourly Wage: $68.24

Annual Mean Wage: $141,930


7. Bridgeport / Stamford / Norwalk, CT

Mean Hourly Wage: $67.57

Annual Mean Wage: $140,540


8. Panama City, FL

Mean Hourly Wage: $67.20

Annual Mean Wage: $139,780


9. Vallejo / Fairfield, CA

Mean Hourly Wage: $66.43

Annual Mean Wage: $138,180


10. Madera, CA

Mean Hourly Wage: $64.94

Annual Mean Wage: $135,070


As we’ve pointed out before in salary posts, it’s essential to look at more than just numbers when you consider how much you’ll earn as a nurse practitioner. A high cost of living in the location in which you practice can quickly negate the lifestyle impact a top salary can have. 

What questions do you have about compensation for nurse practitioners that you’d like to see answered on the ThriveAP blog?


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2 thoughts on “10 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners”

  1. With no disperse the intended, I can not possibly believe that Brevard county Florida is number one on your list of highest paying NP jobs in the country! Florida is a very restrictive state and nurse and we nurse practitioners are constantly fighting to prove our worth. I have several colleagues ( including myself) in this county who do not make the kind of money you are quoting. Yea, the cost of living in Brevard is relatively low ( when compared to the country average) but we have one mega- hospital ( health first) that dominates most provider networks and a few smaller facilities. There is not a lot of competition when compared to Orlando in the East. This statistic is really mind blowing. I would like to think that my NP colleagues are demanding and receiving this kind of pay while offering excellent service to our residents, but I have not seen it. I would love to hear from those NPs in this county who command that salary and say ” way to go”!!!

  2. I have graduated with honors MSN, FNP, but have not been certified. I am taking chemo for Met cancer. 80% chance of remission. I’ll find out in two weeks if tomorrow is my last treatment. My goal is to let God continue to be in control and I pray that I am allowed to get certified and work ad a FNP-BC.

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