We’ve covered the top paying cities for physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Now it’s time to put CRNAs in the mix. Location plays a major role in how much you’re paid as a CRNA. Scope of practice laws, the job market, negotiated rates with insurance companies and a number of other factors figure in to the salary equation. We’ve previously compared state-by-state data for CRNA salaries but today, let’s take it one step further by looking at the highest paying cities for nurse anesthetists. 

Every year the US Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a breakdown of salary and other information about various professions. Based on this data, these are the 10 highest paying cities for nurse anesthetists. 

1. San Diego/Carlsbad, CA

Hourly Mean Wage: $116.19

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Annual Mean Wage: $241,670

2. San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, CA

Hourly Mean Wage: $114.84

Annual Mean Wage: $238,860

3. San Francisco/Redwood City, CA

Hourly Mean Wage: $107.84

Annual Mean Wage: $224,310

4. Spokane/Spokane Valley, WA 

Hourly Mean Wage: $106.60

Annual Mean Wage: $221,720

5. Oakland/Hayward/Berkeley, CA

Hourly Mean Wage: $105.31

Annual Mean Wage: $219,050

6. Sacramento/Roseville/Arden/Arcade, CA 

Hourly Mean Wage: $105.03

Annual Mean Wage: $218,460

7. Louisville/Jefferson County, KY/IN

Hourly Mean Wage: $104.64

Annual Mean Wage:$217,660

8. Vallejo/Fairfield, CA

Hourly Mean Wage: $102.92

Annual Mean Wage: $214,070

9. Providence/Warwick, RI/MA

Hourly Mean Wage: $102.73

Annual Mean Wage: $213,670

10. Anaheim/Santa Ana/Irvine, CA

Hourly Mean Wage: $101.64

Annual Mean Wage: $211,420

Don’t forget to take cost of living into account as you evaluate these top paying locations for nurse anesthetists. Many of the places on this list have significantly higher than average cost of living which may offset a seemingly high salary. While living ocean-side in San Diego sounds alluring, buying or renting a home there will cost you…big time. And, don’t forget to evaluate your benefits package as this too plays in to your total compensation package. 

How does your CRNA salary compare to these top metropolitan areas?


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